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Second son of the second son of the second son

As the name of this most recent series implies, the paintings resonate with rhythm. Based upon the grid, in reference to New York City and to technology today, all sorts of chaotic rhythms move a through the compositions. These paintings are mounted on linen that is stretched over three inch thick stretcher bars.

Gallery 2

Paint of View

Sheets of paint are bent and folded onto irregular shaped canvases in tribute to Peter's ancestors whose influence rises up out of the past. These paintings stand out from the surface like low relief sculpture.

Gallery 3

Downtown Planet Earth

These works on paper pay homage to New York City and Johannesburg. Using rollers, they evoke images ranging from the rush of commuters, to the rhythm found in "Township Jive" music, and the intricate patterns of indigenous Southern African beadwork.

Gallery 4

Instant Shoeshine

Collages of paint skins on canvases and half-sized doors. Evocations of the turbulence that occurs under the earth's surface in the images of liquids, solids and gasses are metaphors hidden for human emotions.

Gallery 5

Sonny Boy Jake

These large bright paintings celebrate Peter's son's birth and his prayers that Jacob have a long, colorful and successful life.

Peter Barnett
526 10th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215

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